Tuesday, February 26, 2013

C&H Semi-Centennial Publication and It's Ads.

A cool publication! It's called the Calumet and Hecla Mining Company Semi- Centennial and it was released for the years 1866-1916. It profiled lots of cool info about C&H and the lands that it controlled and the people that worked there and in the communities.  It has lots of great ads from local businesses that used to be in Calumet, Mohawk, Kearsarge, Lake Linden, and Larium. Businesses like cigar shops, candy shops, breweries, furniture stores, and custom tailoring. Its great to see some of these businesses still around, and others are only now left to our imaginations. But with these ads and profiles of local businessmen, we can more easily imagine them and the seemingly romantic, old times of The Copper Country and the boom times that gave us what we have left of it.

Below I took a few pictures of just a few ads I liked. Sorry about some of the blurry pictures. Hope you enjoy anyways!

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